NAC 332


Pure Analogue Preamplifier

The NAC 332 preamplifier is the digitally controlled, pure analogue centre of your system. Each and every audio stage is meticulously designed using discrete transistors, building on 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-performance audio systems. It features a precision fixed resistor volume control and a class-A headphone amplifier, with XLR and RCA outputs.

72.900,00 kr.

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Tekniske Specifikationer

Bi-directional ZigBee remote and front panel.
Inter-product communications with NSS 333 via ZigBee
Optical 3.5mm output for synchronised control of compatible products
e.g. NAP 250/350
Audio Inputs
Analogue: 1 x 8-pin DIN (47kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5Vrms Max), 2 x 5-pin DIN (47kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5Vrms Max), 3 x RCA pair (47kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5Vrms Max), 2 x XLR balanced pair (100kΩ, 2.2V typical, 9.5V max), 8-pin DIN compatible with 5-pin DIN, 8-pin DIN has +/-18V (for compatible external phono stages e.g. NVC TT)
Audio Outputs
Distortion: Line: 0.003% @2.2V input volume at 0dB, 1kHz
Crosstalk: Line: 90dB at 1kHz, volume at 0dB
Analogue: 1 x XLR pair (balanced 10Vrms max), 1 x RCA pair (10Vrms max), 1 x 6.35mm headphone jack (1.5W into 16Ω)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: Line: 104dB ref 2.2V A-wtd volume at 0dB
Frequency Response: Line: 3Hz to 40kHz -3dB
Gain: Preamplifier at max volume: 15.5dB


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