SUPERNAIT 3 has received significant performance upgrades, including a built-in phono stage, making it a perfect partner for turntables, as well as for streamers, CD players, or any other music source people want to enjoy with the signature Naim sound.

It also includes a Class A preamp output stage which doubles as a headphone amplifier and ceramic heatsink technology that minimises capacitive coupling between the chassis and output transistors for optimum sound quality.

Its inputs are each individually decoupled and hand-wired to minimise noise and interference while internal switching employs ultra-low-noise, constant current sources which are derived directly from the electronic design of the flagship NAC 552 preamplifier.

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Tekniske Specifikationer

Audio Inputs
MM Phono Input via RCA, 47k parallel 470pF input impedance, suitable for 5mV cartridges
Line Level Inputs: 130mV sensitivity, 47k input impedance, suitable for 2V
Power Amp In: DIN Socket
Audio Outputs
Powered Accessory Sockets: +24V for Naim phono amplifier
Speaker Outputs: 80W per channel into 8 ohms (4mm sockets), 130W per channel into 4 ohms
Line Outputs Variable (level): Pre-amp (DIN), Bi-amp (DIN), Sub (RCA pair) 775mV, <50 ohms
Line Outputs Fixed (level): AV (DIN), Stream (DIN) 130mV, 600 ohms
Headphone Output: 1/4 inch (6.35mm) TRS Socket
Updates: 1 x USB mini-B
Remote Input: 1 x 3.5mm jack on rear
Weight: 14 kg
Dimensions: 87 x 432 x 314 mm


“This added heft was present as soon as the Supernait 3 was up and running in my system. My first notes contained words like ‘grunty’ and ‘solid’ when discussing drums and bass guitars.”

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If you’re looking for an entertaining yet informative integrated amplifier, the Supernait 3 is a brilliant choice


  • +Impressive dynamic capability
  • +Authoritative bass
  • +Fine build
  • +Upgrade potential


  • -No moving coil input

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The truly brilliant aspect of the Supernait 3 is how it further evolves the Naim sound without feeling like there has been unnatural or wholesale change to what has appealed to listeners before.

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