The ultimate upgrade.

Not everyone sees hi-fi as we do. For us, a smooth, stable, low-noise power supply isn’t just desirable: it’s fundamental to proper hi-fi performance. Nowhere is that belief more clearly exemplified than in our reference 555 PS DR, the best power supply in our portfolio.

Originally designed to partner our world-class CD555 CD player, the 555 PS can also be used with our ND 555, NDS,  NDX and NDX 2 network players, our HDX hard disk player/ server and our DAC digital to analogue converter as well as the CDX2 CD player. Whatever Naim Audio product it partners, the 555 PS DR will improve every aspect of your favourite music. Voices and instruments become clearer and more natural. Perceived dynamic range increases too, while timing – music’s fundamental sense of rhythm and accuracy – snaps into even greater focus.

82.900,00 kr.

Tilgængelig på restordre

Naim 555PS

Tekniske Specifikationer

Power Outputs: ± 22V, ± 10V, 12V, 2 x 15V
Weight: 15.7 kg
Dimensions: 87 x 432 x 314 mm


The ND 555/555 PS combination isn’t cheap, but it is the best sounding digital streaming source we’ve heard


  • +Impressive clarity and dynamics
  • +Exceptional rhythmic coherence
  • +Fine build


  • -Price out of reach for most

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