Digital Super ARAY BNC


If you are fortunate enough to own one of the new generation of mid-price DACs, then the Signature Digital would be a very good cable to audition in your system. The Signature Super ARAY Digital uses the same Super ARAY conductor geometry as SarumT and our flagship ChordMusic digital cables. It replaces the previous Signature Tuned ARAY.

Many mid-price digital sources and DACs perform with a coherence that a few years ago, was barely achievable with high end products. The Super ARAY conductor configuration will let you hear just how musical they can be and will also reveal the extraordinary level of detail they are capable of.

Pris for 1 meter.
5.000 pr. ekstra meter.

10.000,00 kr.

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368 kr. pr. måned
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Chord Signature Digital Super ARAY BNC

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