EpicXL Højttalerkabel


EpicXL combines elements of our Epic and Signature Reference/XL speaker cables.   A specially chosen soft PVC internal jacket is added to correctly space the shielding and minimise mechanical noise.  A high density braid and foil shield is applied to each set of conductors and this is in turn protected by a translucent outer jacket, again chosen to reduce unwanted mechanical noise.  Each set of EpicXL is built to order at The Chord Company.  The conductors are twisted together and clamped in place before being terminated with either banana or spade connectors.  By separately shielding the positive and negative conductors of each speaker cable run, we can produce a version of Epic that sounds markedly more refined and musically coherent. It’s particularly good at carrying micro-dynamics and detail and brings great separation and definition to instruments and voices.

6.000 dkk for 2 x 1,5 meter
12.000 dkk for 2 x 3 meter
20.000 dkk for 2 x 5 meter

6.000,00 kr.

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Chord EpicXL Højttalerkabel

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