Epic DIN til DIN


This is the first time that we have produced DIN cables in the Epic range. To improve musically on the Shawline DIN but without the Signature price tag wasn’t easy.  Chord Company Epic DIN construction is a complete departure from the other analogue cables in the Epic range.

Epic DIN uses high-bandwidth conductors normally found in our higher cable ranges. It also uses multi-tiered shielding systems for all conductor pairs reducing interaction between the different signals that DIN cables need to carry. This low noise high bandwidth shielding ensures that the listener obtains the maximum benefit from the latest DR upgrades that have been so successfully introduced into Naim Audio products.

The new design, shielding and ARAY geometry delivers the rhythm, groove and soul of the music – something that Naim users have always enjoyed from their equipment. Epic DIN should also be auditioned with older DIN-equipped products such as Quad. The results can be quite staggering.

Pris for 1 meter.

6.000,00 kr.

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178 kr. pr. måned
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Chord Epic DIN til DIN

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