Pro-Ject Head Box S USB

Pro-Ject Head Box S USB

Kr. 1.495,00

Smart, praktisk og vellydende. Pro-Ject Head Box S USB har både et analogt input via RCA, og et digitalt via USB. På fronten kan du skifte mellem de to input.

• RCA stereo input

• Digital USB 1.1 input (no extra driver needed)

• RCA stereo loop-out for analogue input

• 6,3mm jack input on front

• Suitable for headphones with low or high impedance

• Extremely low noise and distortion

• Full metal housing protects against interference

• Significantly better sound than standard headphone outputs from integrated amplifiers

• DC power supply (< 1 watt standby power)

• On/Off switch on front

• Faceplates in silver or black Project