DAC Box E: Pure listening pleasure for digital sources at an absolute bargain price!

Digital-to-analogue converter

The entry-level Pro-Ject DAC Box E is an excellent D/A converter for digital sound sources using optical and coaxial connections. Despite the low price, it sounds outstanding and supports HD music data up to 24/192kHz. DAC Box E uses high quality components like precision D/A converter chips and a low noise output stage. It will act as a perfect upgrade for any digital stereo audio source, especially for best-buy CD-players, Bluray or DVD players with CD playback, set-top boxes etc!

The whole audio circuitry design is perfectly linear with low output impedance to avoid any negative interference with cables or pre-amps. Its class-leading audio performance makes DAC Box E an outstanding low-cost audio bargain!



24bit / 192kHz D/A conversion

Co-axial (RCA) & optical (Toslink) S/PDIF input

SMD circuitry

Special low noise components

Internal metal shielding

Small size allows installation close to source

Gold plated RCA connection sockets

Outboard power supply included

Black or White casing


Technical Specifications

Line-level output 1 pair RCA/phono sockets
Output voltage 0.7 Vrms
Digital inputs 1x coaxial (S/PDIF), 1x optical (TOSlink®)
D/A converter Texas Instruments TLV320DAC23 Cirrus Logic CS4344. 24Bit/192kHz
Supported audio format PCM (LPCM) (Stereo only, no support for multi-channel formats)
Sampling rates Optical and coaxial input 44.1 kHz, 48kHz, 96 kHz and 192 kHz (coaxial only)
Outboard power supply 18 V / 500 mA DC; 220 - 240V, 50Hz
Power consumption 200 mA DC, <1W in standby
Dimensions W x H x D (D with sockets) 120 x 32 x 100 (106) mm
Weight 250 g without power supply