Nordost Leif Blueheaven Interconnect

Kr. 2.600,00

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“Music is well ordered and involving. Blue Heaven thrives on dynamic bass power and presents the sound of instruments with a natural clarity. It isn’t cheap, but in a high quality system, the rewards outweigh the expense.”

-Hi-Fi Sound and Vision


Insulation:   Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction:   Mechanically tuned lay
Conductors:   4 x 24 AWG
Material:   Silver-plated 99.9999% solid core OFC
Capacitance:   45.0pF/ft
Inductance:   0.046μH/ft
Overall Shield Coverage:   95%
Velocity of Propagation:   80%
Termination:   Gold-plated RCA or XLR