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Be prepared for a wild rollercoaster ride through your record collection.

Entity is a phono preamplifier for low level Moving Coil cartridges. Entity uses the same input circuit, phono equalization, output stage and power regulation as SINGularity. What has changed is the case (instead of the extremely expensive copper case it’s now simple, functional and inexpensive), the power supplies (instead of two switch mode power supplies with massive filtering it’s now equipped with the same copper screened linear power supply as used in the Slipsik 7) and the channel separation (instead of two completely isolated Mono channels, it’s now a dual mono design in a single case with a shared power supply).

Dimensions (WxHxD) 103x59x180 mm
Weight 970 g
Mains input voltage (two versions) 230 or 115 VAC
Fuse (inside the case) T1A
Input impedance 90/120/180 Ω+10 nF
Max nominal cartridge output level 0.4 mV @ 3.54 cm/s
Gain at 1 kHz 71 dB (3500 times)
Output impedance/Rec. load 300 Ω/>3 kΩ
Power consumption Less than 5 W