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The JMR Lucia is a compact 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker system with harmonious proportions.

Designed with the same rigor as the most advanced models in our range, it concentrates all the know-how of the JMR brand.
To remain faithful to our tradition, we wanted to develop a small and extremely musical loudspeaker that is also notably affordable and that offers realistic tonality and a very good spectral balance.
We have optimized its performance so that it can be used placed on a shelf or even on a desk.

It offers a naturally warm, well articulated sound with a rich mid-range and a silky treble that is utterly without projection or hardness. Its energy is sufficient to fill a room from 10x to 20m convincingly with lively and embodied music.
Designed to work in combination with affordable electronics, its electroacoustic features offer a very easy load for amplifiers.
Its installation will not require any special precautions because thanks to a frontal laminar event port, it can be installed close to a wall. It offers a beautiful credible and very stable stereo image thanks to good phasing of its components.
It is the first step into the rich and ‘live’ universe of JMR sound.


Bass reflex loading principal with laminar front event port. 19mm MDF cabinet assembled under press, round front edges to avoid edge effect on front baffle.


Manufactured in France this small 13cm woofer has a coated paper cone animated by a 25mm coil on aluminum support. Its basket is made of ABS resonance free material. Its central ogive phase plug is made of rubber and so completely inert.


Also manufactured in FRANCE, impregnated fabric dome with 25mm coil cooled by ferrofluid and textured ABS horn improving its efficiency and directivity.


12bd/octave slope at 3500hz.
Hand crafted crossover printed board free using polypropylene capacitors and ferrite coil for the woofer with large section pure copper wire. All components are directly soldered one to the other with silver ROHS soldering.


Thanks to a very low directivity, it is not necessary to aim
aim the two

Bande passante 65 à 18khz
Impedance 6 ohms (minimum)
Power handling de 20 à 100W
Sensitivity 85db/W/m (2V)
Filter type 12db/octave crossover frequency 3500hz
Connection Mono wire
Dimensions L : 18cm P : 23cm H : 37cm